Building Burkina Faso – literally!

Building Burkina Faso – literally!

The recent dedication of the CFPC (Vocational Training School) at the village of Nabrabogo, Burkina Faso was an important step. It drew together people from all walks of life to celebrate the ministry’s status as a fully accredited vocational training centre for the construction trades.

The CFPC vocational training school is central to the vision of Roger and Chris Bast; to bring glory to God through the training of young Burkina Faso men in construction trade skills. To introduce those who are not Christians to Christ.

The foundational step in fulfilling this mission is the establishing of a fully equipped training centre including a two roomed school building. The two classrooms are now complete and is where construction trade skills are being taught to the 12 new students.

The school building was completed in time to begin the new school year in October 2011. The first class of students, made up of 12 students, are between the age of 16 & 18. These students are enrolled in the 24 month masonry skills training program. The class is a mix of young men from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds who begin their day at 7.40am when one of the local pastors from the greater Nabrabogo area leads daily devotions. This gives the pastors the opportunity to participate in the spiritual lives of the students. 

Classes begin after morning devotions are over and consist of math, French (official language of Burkina), the theory of construction and practical on site work. This training will equip the young men and enable them to be employed in the construction industry or set up their own small business. In this way they will be able to support their families. 

A further objective of CFPC is the creation of a local, not-for-profit, Burkina construction company. This will provide students on-the-job training in construction trades and also provide some income to help cover the cost of student training and the maintenance of the training centre facilities and equipment.