Nabrabogo News #1 from Roger and Chris Bast

Nabrabogo News #1 from Roger and Chris Bast

Determined to get the food there.

The truck broke down again last week, thankfully after we had completed out of town food distributions. So for the local deliveries we used what we could get. So far we have distributed over 30000 lbs of food and plan to purchase 36 – 100 kgs sacs with the funds sent last week.

Maria (not her real name) is a widow with four young children with no other family nearby. She grows food for the family but that food ran out in March because of the poor crop last year. She lives day to day asking God to supply their needs until the new crops are ready to harvest. She has been getting help from the church that we are assisting, but that amounts to just over 1kg of grain per week which does not go far with a family.

Praise God!

The rains finally began in early July, this is later than normal. During Aug. they have been almost daily so the crops are looking good. The rains will need to last into late Sept. for the crops to develop fully. The crops most at risk are the millet, corn and sorghum because they take a longer growing time. The beans, peanuts and okra should be OK.