Nabraboogo News #2 from Roger & Chris Bast

Nabraboogo News #2 from Roger & Chris Bast

Roger practicing caring food on his head.

Here the local drink is made by boiling sorghum to get the goodness out. What’s left of the sorghum is normally fed to pigs but now things are so desperate that the people eat this to help fill their aching stomachs even though there is little if any nutrition left.

We are doing what we can.

In Bousse we are the only people supplying food. The local pastors and chiefs have 228 families that are registered as needing help. I was overwhelmed with the need of the people the last time I was there.

In another area the pastor shared that 90 people are being helped, but there are many other families living day to day hoping against hope that they can find something to eat. The young always get fed first. Even so we have seen kids, with orange coloured hair and the glazed stare (both signs of malnutrition).

Last Friday we distributed at two different locations sharing 7 sacks of corn between 54 people. It was a good time, people were very happy to receive the gift and their smiles were great to see. Most of them were widows and widowers.