Dominican Republic Quarterly Sponsorship Update October 2012

Dominican Republic Quarterly Sponsorship Update October 2012

From Jose Manuel Santa Gomez,
Sponsorship Coordinator – The Lighthouse School

Thank you for your continued support of the Lighthouse School Project. We want you to know that your prayers and financial contributions are making a big difference in the lives of the children and their families in the poor community of Los Alcaritos.

The Lighthouse School recently celebrated their 14th graduation ceremony. At the ceremony, many of the 46 graduating students expressed their gratitude for having a Christian education and having the chance to go on to higher education. Some of them started at the school when they were four years old and they expressed their happiness that they have been with the project for so long. Many acknowledged the sponsors of the projects even though many have not met them in person, grateful for the support that they had received to help them get through school and life.

Escarlet Perdoma recently graduated from the Lighthouse School. Like all other students at the school, she is grateful for the provision of education in the area.  Going to school is a privilege in an area where there are not enough places in the schools for all the children of school age. She wrote to thank those who have sponsored the school, saying now she is going to college to train as a psychologist. “I want to be a great professional,” she says. “Thanks for being there when I most needed help.”

Currently we are involved with student enrolment for the next school year. Last year there were over 1,000 students enrolled in the morning and afternoon programs, and we expect even more this year. This is the only school in the area with good facilities as we now have a baseball diamond, soccer field, gym, basketball court, and playground the students are able to use.  This is why the parents are very keen that their children go to the school. In addition to the above facilities the most important reason of all is the Christian education that the school provides the students, which helps them to know what is right and wrong and gives them the best opportunity to be out of the crime that is common in the community.

In the previous updates, we have talked about our vision for the kitchen. Many of the students of the Lighthouse School come to the school without any breakfast and when they go home they are not sure that they are going to get any food as this is a very poor area of Dominican Republic. The basement of the building and the first floor where the kitchen is going to be have been built.  The tiles are laid and everything is painted.

This is one of the most amazing projects to be completed at the school because we will be able to feed the hungry children!

All this would not have been possible without your continuing and generous support of the Lighthouse School project in Dominican Republic. Once again thank you for all that you have done for this project, community and country.

Thank you for your support of Careforce International!