Nabraboogo News #3: Final Update on Food Crisis & Harvest

Nabraboogo News #3: Final Update on Food Crisis & Harvest

Roger practicing carrying food on his head.

The harvest has gone well this year. The peanuts, beans, corn, sesame and chick peas are all harvested. In our little area of peanuts that we grew we probably got 4 or 5 times what we did last year. The millet and the sorghum harvest has begun and is almost completed in some places but ours is further behind. Overall the crops are looking way better than last year and people that we talk to are optimistic about their crops. We had two rains a couple of weeks ago which helped before final harvest. We think there will always be a need for some food distribution to the elderly, single moms and orphans. But we don’t see any major distribution needed similar to what we experienced earlier this year. We still have a few bags of corn in stock that we make available for any of these needs.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave so generously, because of you we were able to continue to distribute corn and millet in September and also in October. Your generosity has blessed this community. On a visit to one of the pastors, we thought the pastor’s wife was going to kiss Roger she was so excited. Everyday people came to see the pastor asking if he could help because they had no food. The pastors shared with us their joy at being able to give food to those in need. Much praise is given to God on these occasions.

Thank you for partnering with us…your gifts have made such a difference

Chris and Roger Bast