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The Village of Hope

The Village of Hope, situated just outside of the capital city of Ouagadougou, is the realized vision of our project partners, Pastor Michel and Lydia Ouedraogo, and Careforce founder, Jim Wilson. Here, during the school months, impoverished and orphaned children from surrounding rural villages are cared for and educated with the goal that they will become Christian leaders in their communities who will change the face of their nation. Careforce teams have worked alongside the local Burkinabe to develop and expand the Village since the summer of 2002. The Village of Hope is a three phase project.

Phase I, which can accommodate 360 children, includes an elementary school (Grades 1-6), boys’ and girls’ dorms, shower and latrine facilities, a dining hall, church, administration building and team and staff accommodations. Phase II includes the secondary and vocational schools which are in their beginning stages, and the vision for Phase III is a Christian University.