King’s Christian Collegiate Students – Haiti Water Relief Project

A Careforce team of 37 students from King’s Christian Collegiate, who went to the Lighthouse School, Dominican Republic the week of the Haiti quake, helped ship water across the border to those in need in Haiti. They worked hard late into the evening hours to assist the bottling process. Here are some insights from the students:

“It is touching to help prepare water bottles because we can actually be involved in the process of helping the people of Haiti instead of just sending money. The direct approach is very meaningful.”

-Christine Sevadjian, Gr. 11

“Every time I label a bottle I think that a person in Haiti will drink it and how much of a relief it will be to someone who is suffering and that makes the work so worthwhile.”

-Marissa Mitchell, Gr. 12

“We take for granted the availability and beauty of water, even while working in the heat, but to be a part of something like this—for people who will appreciate it and who absolutely need it—is an indescribably good feeling.”

-Stephanie Collins, Gr. 12