Eating and Sleeping

What are the accommodations like? As a standard provision, Careforce team experiences will be hosted at a facility furnished with bunk beds, showers and toilets. In some cases, fans and other additional commodities may be available.

For those going as married couples, some of our project sites have a few couple’s rooms available on a first come basis. If you are wishing to stay as a couple, we ask that you make your Team Leader aware of this as early as possible.

What kind of food will I be eating?

Food provided during the team experience is prepared, in most cases, by the local partners with regular input from Careforce personnel. The menu is designed to provide balanced meals using locally purchased ingredients. All food is prepared with a high health and safety standard. It is important to notify your Team Leader of any possible allergies or dietary considerations well in advance of departure. It is your responsibility to bring any additional supplements or food items that will ensure that your particular dietary needs are met.

Is the water safe to drink?

At all project locations Careforce and our project partners will provide team participants with clean, safe drinking water. Generally bottled water is provided. It is imperative that you keep water containers clean and closed when not in use to avoid any potential contamination.

Is it safe to eat food off the street from local vendors?

It is strongly advised that team participants stay away from purchasing or eating food from street vendors. Only in circumstances where the local host has made special arrangements would it be appropriate to eat such food.