What safety precautions are in place?

Our project partners and your Team Leader will take every precaution to address your health and safety requirements. You must act responsibly in order to minimize risk to yourself and to the team.

What will happen if I get hurt?

There are health clinics on site or in close proximity to each of our projects. In addition, there are generally health professionals participating in each of our team experiences. We encourage you to take along any first aid supplies that you may need. If you are First Aid Certified, please notify your Team Leader. You are covered with International Health Insurance to cover any necessary costs. Treatment expenses would initially be paid by you and reimbursed upon claim submission.

How do the lines of communication work between the project partner, the Careforce team leader, the local workers, staff, and team participants?

Before the team experience all team participant’s questions and concerns should be directed to the Team Leader. On site at the project, the Careforce Team Leader is the liaison between participants and the local partners. Any questions and/or concerns on site should be directed toward the Team Leader. We strongly advise team participants to refrain from making any commitments to the project without the knowledge of a Careforce representative. This will be further discussed in your team meetings.

How should I present suggestions for things that I think could be done more efficiently?

It is important that we conduct ourselves in an attitude of servitude and remember that our way is not the only way or necessarily the right way in the culture where we are serving. However, if you do have suggestions that could improve the team experience or project effectiveness based on a particular skill set or knowledge that you possess, you should discuss these with your Team Leader. You will also have an opportunity to complete a Team Evaluation Form prior to leaving the project site.

Will I get a chance to interact with locals?

Careforce believes that our involvement in the local projects is always enhanced by the constant interaction of team members with the children and local staff. While we try to create a natural environment where this interaction takes place, it is important to set appropriate boundaries. This will allow all team members a time to rest, reflect and build team unity.

If I buy things in the host country, how much am I allowed to bring home (dollar value)?

According to the information found on the back of the Canadian customs declaration form, you are allowed the following exemptions:

Minimum absence from Canada Exemption limit – CAN$

24 hours $50.00
48 hours $400.00
7 days $750.00

Upon return home, will we meet again as a team?

In your initial team meetings held prior to departure, your Team Leader will establish a date for meeting upon arrival home. This meeting will be used to share pictures, to discuss the impact that the team experience has had on you, and to consider ways in which you can continue to partner with Careforce and with the project.

How can I continue to keep updated on the project?

Following your team experience you will be receiving a quarterly newsletter from Careforce which will update you on the project as well as on other Careforce initiatives. In addition, information on the project you participated in will be continually updated as new teams return from their team experiences.