Health Questions

Do I need medical insurance to protect me in case of injury?

Participating on a Careforce International team experience requires health insurance. This will be provided to all team members and included in your cost. We use TIC insurance and you must be free of any symptoms 180 days prior to departure in order to receive coverage. You may be asked to complete a pre-departure medical examination in order to participate.

What vaccinations and/or medications are required?

It is recommended that each team participant contact the nearest travel clinic for an update on the vaccinations and medications required. Each participant is responsible to make these arrangements and the costs of these should be factored into the consideration. We are unable to provide advice of a medical nature and each participant must choose the level of risks they are willing to take.

Will my health be in danger?

Any information on health related issues should be discussed with your doctor or at your local travel clinic. We do everything possible to ensure your health and safety but there are inherent risks in participating in a team experience. These will be explained to you by your team leader.