Team Activities

What you’ll be doing

Since Careforce sends teams on a regular basis to our projects they are at various stages of development. Teams could be involved in construction projects such as building a school, dormitories, shower or dining facilities. Other teams could be involved in ministry, medical initiatives, educational activities or recreation. All of these endeavours enhance the lives of children in need. Through updates from Careforce’s project partners and team leaders it will be determined which project your team will undertake. We appreciate your flexibility in carrying out any task that is needed to be accomplished upon arrival. In your application, we ask you to identify areas of expertise, skills, and interests. We will make every effort to utilize these.

Are there different work options?

For most projects there will be an opportunity to work and interact in different ways depending on your physical abilities. Please advise your Team Leader if you are not able to perform certain physical activities in order that you can be accommodated. Should this be the case, there will be several other meaningful activities in which you ca be involved. Your patience and support will be required at times when several tasks are being delegated by your Team Leader and local staff.

What contribution can I make?

Every member of the team can contribute to the overall success of the experience. Each individual brings unique skills, talents, and qualities to the team dynamic. We encourage you to utilize your abilities to their fullest. In addition we ask that you be open to explore other avenues of service should they be required.

Sample Daily Schedule

Devotions/Sharing 7:00
Breakfast 7:30
Work day begins 8:00
Lunch and siesta/break Noon
Project work resumes 2:00
End of work day 5:00
Dinner 6:00
Debriefing 7:00

Leisure time* Evening, structured programming can be provided at your request

*There will be opportunities during this time for ministry initiatives, sports activities with the children, interactions with the local staff, and for personal reflection.