Travel Questions

What kind of currency should I take?

This will be discussed with you in your team meetings as it will be specific to your country of destination. A variety of small denominations are best and the bills must be dated 2000 or newer, not torn and have no writings on them otherwise foreign bills may be refused or conversion amount significantly discounted. You should be prepared with funds to cover personal purchases i.e. incidentals, souvenirs. Your team leader will advise you of the minimum amount needed (tipping, extra meals etc.) and the maximum amount to avoid security risks.

Can I use Air Miles?

Tickets for your team experience are purchased as a group. By blocking a group of tickets we are able to secure a discounted rate. Therefore, Air Miles and similar plans will not apply. Where applicable, you can collect points with the program outlined by the carrier.

Can I extend my trip to travel to nearby countries?

While Careforce will always seek to accommodate your travel plans whenever possible, it’s very important that you make your alternative travel request with plenty of time in advance. All expenses related to additional travel must be covered at your own expense. Consultation with Careforce should take place in order to ensure the travel portion is tax deductible.

What are the travel details?

Your Team Leader will present you with a travel itinerary prior to departure that will include information about when you need to be at the airport, your time of departure, length of travel, transfers, and time of arrival at your destination. He/she will also discuss with you any opportunities available to you during a layover. Should the Team Leader give you the option to exit the airport during a layover on route to your project destination, it is your responsibility to meet your team at the departure gate in sufficient time. Failure to make your connecting flight will result in you having to assume any additional costs involved in arranging for your arrival at the project destination.

Upon arrival in the country of destination what contact information do I need and what do I record as being the purpose of my trip?

When you arrive at the country of destination you will be asked to complete some paperwork. When asked the purpose of your trip you should generally check “Tourism”. See the contact information sheet insert for your project destination.

Will there be opportunities for sightseeing during the trip? What is the approximate additional cost?

As part of every team experience, Careforce makes arrangements with our local partners to provide some sightseeing and shopping opportunities for team participants during your time off. In addition, in some instances, there may be the option for an out of town trip during your stay. Optional experiences such as this would be an additional expense to you. All details would be provided prior to the team’s departure and may require commitment and payment before departure.