Support a Child

Careforce Child Support Makes A Difference!

Careforce chooses project partners carefully and commits to partnering with them and the communities they serve for the long-term. to the communities we support. We ask our donors to join us on that journey. The best way to do this is to become a Careforce Child Support Sponsor.

To become a Careforce Child Support Sponsor means making a monthly financial commitment to one or more of the Careforce projects. The money you commit helps support children and youth in the communities Careforce and it’s project partner serve. Your dollars go toward providing food, health care, quality education or training and a safe, nurturing Christian environment. You have the opportunity through our regular communications to get to know the Careforce project partner and the children and youth involved. You’ll hear about the work being done and the dreams they have for the future. You will be a part of that future and through your monetary contributions bring those dreams to reality.

Becoming a Careforce Child Support Sponsor has several benefits; first it is easy for you in that the money comes out of your account automatically once you have signed up. By making a regular monthly commitment cuts down on administrative costs allowing more of your donation to go to each project. A monthly commitment provides vital long-term funding to children and youth and allows them to plan with confidence for the future.

Thank you for making the decision today to become a Careforce Sponsor!

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