The Lighthouse School

Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic

The community of Los Alcarrizos has a growing population of more than 250,000 people, most of whom live in slums with little infrastructure and few schools. Thousands of children receive no education because of limited space in the few public schools that do exist. To address this, Careforce International has partnered with Juventud para Cristo (YFC) in the development and expansion of the Lighthouse School, constructing a primary and secondary school and a training centre.

Today the school has over 1040 students in pre-school to grade 12 receiving a Christian education. The vocational training centre currently teaches valuable skills to nearly 200 students in such areas as English, business management, computers, and other technical fields. To date, more than 3000 people have benefited from this initiative.

Project Director

Cristian Santiago is a man with passion and a commitment to reach out to children in need in the Dominican Republic. Cristian served in a key role at the Lighthouse School project for several years. Through his effort, a greater involvement from the parents and the community of Los Alcarrizos has been reached. Having resided in North America for several years, Cristian once again spends much of his time in the DR to facilitate Team Experiences at the LHS.

Cristian and his wife Sarah have two young boys, Leo and Cristian Gary. Board of Directors Chair Luis Rodriguez, who is the current Board President and a well recognized business leader, has indicated his desire to serve as the point figure for the Lighthouse School project and to work closely with Careforce.

Pastor Israel Brito is a native of the Dominican Republic where he grew up in a Christian home. Following in the footsteps of his father who was a well-respected pastor, Brito holds a Dr. of Missions degree from Asbury seminary in Kentucky, US. He also served as pastor for several churches in the US. Pastor Brito then felt the Lord’s leading to move his family back to the Dominican. He serves as Executive Director of Youth For Christ D.R.